Steam Turbines

Fact finding

Steam Turbines are solid and stable equipments in a plant and are also the critical assets. When changing operation modes the reliability and availability can change rapidly. For instance, blades can fail by other Eigenfrequencies that are excited, erosion issues come up because of lower steam pressure. Creep can progress harder because of higher steam temperatures you are using. Stress corrosion cracking can become a fact because of the change in the steam/water chemistry. There are actually a lot of issues that can impact your steam turbine performance. It doesn’t matter if it is low cycle or high cycle fatigue.
Advituro investigates after incidents that have occured. We perform a fast and adequate response to your questions: “What do I do now – repair or redesign?”
Advituro has a wide experience with all sorts and brands of steam turbines. When the fact finding is done, Root Cause Analysis can be one of the next steps.
Advituro will also use the matching NDT techniques, both on site and in the laboratory, to get to the cause of the failure.

Fact finding main point: Act as fast as possible by hiring the expert to rescue all the information.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

After fact finding Advituro can continue with a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to determine the real cause of the failure. In this follow-up study process data will be analysed over a longer period and interviews will be held with operating and maintenance personnel. We also investigate the design of steam turbines and any improvements thereon. If necessary meetings with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will be held. In short, all facets will be analyzed.

Finding the real Root Cause gives you a very reliable insight into the future use of your steam turbine.

Witness points

Buying a new steam turbine is not a guarantee that you will receive it without hidden defects. Witnessing the most important parts is therefore inevitable. Starting with the first moment at the foundry with the casing parts and the valve housing. At the forging factory with the rotor parts. At the steam turbine factory with the final balancing and the final assembly. Advituro will check all the technical items and the owner will receive a complete document of his steam turbine with more details then when there are none or less witness points. Witness points throughout the hole manufacturing process gives the owner a good indication of the quality of the steam turbine he has purchased. We can enhance this process by assisting you already before the manufacturing process during the clarification meetings with the proposed manufacturers. And we can assist you during the commissioning of the power plant for all the rotating parts.

Witness points are simple possibilities, but often forgotten, because the OEM’s actually don’t want them.

Conditional Assessment

Advituro performs the conditional assessment of your steam turbine. This assessment gives you a better idea about the technical status of the steam turbine. You get more insight as to whether it is economically justified to make an investment in new blades, new diaphragms, a new casing part or other specific steam turbine parts.
Advituro uses visual inspections on site, hardness tests, Magnetic Particle tests and Dye Penetrant tests if applicable. Ultrasonic Testing is used whenever there is a crack indication and we want to know how deep the crack is. We use metal replica's or molds to get an insight into the material structure.

Knowledge about the condition of your steam turbine gives confidence about the future of your plant.