Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring service 24/7 by Advituro. If your installation is equipped with a vibration protection system and analyzing system Advituro offers you a 24/7 remote monitoring service contract. This means:

  • each month an e-mail
  • after 6 months a detailed report
  • new proposal for improved alarm setting
  • 24/7 emergency telephone number
  • 2 emergency reports are included
  • Your IT department secures the internet connection with passwords and other security codes. If there is no analyzing or protection system or it needs to be replaced Advituro can offer that for you.

    Hire a vibration expert to analyse your vibrations and get more benefits from your plant.

    Ad Hoc Vibration Measurements

    When there is a sudden change in vibrations and perhaps alarm levels are triggered, Advituro can help you. We install our mobile monitoring system and analyze the vibration data. Advituro can rely on more than 25 years of experience with vibration analysis in power plants.

    Before a major overhaul make sure you no the vibration behavior of your machine. Check this again after the major overhaul to make sure that works have been done according to contract.

    Ask Advituro for additional information and Remote monitoring, use it!

    Blade Vibration Monitoring

    The rapid changing Energy market puts power plant owners under pressure. Where ones the assets were bought for base load operation now days a lot of flexibility is required. Is your steam turbine up to the job? To get a better understanding of the vibration behavior of the last stage blades Blade Vibration Monitoring is the solution. By connecting the monitoring system to the already installed proximity probes it is possible to see the blade vibrations of the L0 or L-1 blades. This makes it possible to see in what operating window blades vibrate and can resolve in:

  • adjusting maintenance strategies.
  • selecting operating window(s) not to operate in.
  • Make your asset more flexible!

    Endwinding Monitoring

    Generator end-windings experience mechanical vibration during operation and the level of these vibrations are an indication for the owner if the generator is aging severely. High vibrations can lead to loosening of entire end-winding support system, wear of insulation material, rupture of coil and fatigue cracking of conductors. All of which require extensive out-of service repairs. The end-winding vibrations measurements will inform the owner much earlier and he can plan an inspection during his normal outage schedule if necessary.